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A wooden Toto bathroom
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When thinking about TOTO, there are two things that comes to mind. The first is the WASHLET™. Is it the only item they offer? Certainly not. Is it the most prominent? Absolutely. The second thing is the number 65. Why? When over 65% of Japanese households have a shower toilet installed, it makes you wonder what you’re missing.

For more than 100 years, TOTO has been operating with the mentality of “clean technology” and the WASHLET™ is no exception. 35 years of constant improvement on WASHLET™ technology have made it second to none. Combine that with rimless, hygienic toilet bowls and their flushing technology (Tornado Flush), you can expect that not only will you be kept clean but also your WC.

It seems an almost endless list when going through the features that the WASHLET™ offers. Regardless of range the following are standard: spray positions and pressures designed to meet the needs of any person; self-cleaning wand jet and deodoriser, rimless design with tornado flush technology, heated seat and dryer functions and automatic energy saving features to help keep your bills lower.

OLA still employs traditional techniques like hand-polishing in conjunction with modern technology to create a product that surpasses standard levels of quality with exceptional detail. Using specially developed techniques and superior grade products such as brass and stainless steel, VOLA transforms the mundane into magnificent.

If you’re interested in buying a TOTO Washlet™, luxury toilet or basin, then get in touch or visit our bathroom showroom, in Ilford, Essex. You’ll see some of TOTO’s amazing range in store and talk to one of our team about how we would integrate TOTO’s products into a new dream bathroom.

  • A plain white Toto toilet from a side view
  • A Toto toilet with wooden cabinets
  • Two images of Toto toilets.  On the left a green bathroom and on the right a grey bathroom with white sink basin.
  • A toilet squirting water to show the ability of the toilet to clean you.  You should note in real live this wouldn't happen as it requires pressure on the seat.
  • 3 Toto toilets.  A green bathrom, a grey tiled bathroom and a light grey painted bathroom
  • 3 Toto Toilets.  A white squarish toilet.  A straight on white toilet.  A rounded toilet with a blue wall.
  • A Toto bathroom with a freestanding bath and a walk in shower

Dependent upon range, you might opt for separate remote control, sensor-activated lid or flush or memory function for two people. And these are just a handful of the features that are available.

Aromabath displays two ranges of WASHLET™. One is the EK 2.0 offering side control panel, temperature adjustment and type of spray. This range also can learn user habits in order to switch automatically to energy-saving mode on this basis. A sensor-activated seat is also standard with this model. Shown with the wall-hung MH pan, this range can also be installed with a back to wall pan or in a close-coupled setting.

The second is the SG model (only available with wall-hung pan). This range gives you all the standard features of the EK 2.0 but offers additional features such as remote control, heated seat, and ewater+ feature which cleans with electrolysed ewater+ to remove bacteria.

For those not convinced about shower toilet technology, TOTO has also received awards for design with its RP rimless WC. Whether you opt for this rounded model or preferred the squared look of their SP toilet, you know that you will have a more hygienic WC with the tornado flush being standard.

But while the WASHLET™ may their speciality, it isn’t the only item they produce. Also available are a range of basins including the round Luminist vessel basin in a crystal snow finish with black inlaid plate and LED lighting to give it that special je ne sais quoi. A similar rectangular basin is also on display along with a handful of accessories.

Cleanliness is an art. Toto is an artist.

William Crosbie, Design & Showroom Consultant